Blazers Problems: Brandon Roy, Andre Miller and More

| by Dwight Jaynes

Guy cannot stay out of the headlines for a single day.

Strange coincidence, too, that he’s going to sit out the next three games — on the day this story came out. Catch this:

One plugged-in person with knowledge of Portland’s inner workings told me Roy spoke with Blazers management less than two weeks ago about the need for (Andre) Miller and him to part ways. While Roy did not issue a trade demand or request, I’m told he said something to this effect:

This is not going to work, so you should trade one of us. Whether it’s him or whether it’s me, somebody needs to be traded because this is not going to work.

Portland general manager Rich Cho, as well as Roy’s agent, Bob Myers, denied that such a discussion ever happened.

“It’s not true,’’ Cho said on Thursday.

Of course, these guys have no choice but to deny. You cannot admit Roy is in any way looking to be traded because it drops his value even further (if that’s possible).

And talk about a power play by Roy. Wow. But seriously, if I were the Trail Blazers at this point, I’d more anxious to get rid of Roy than Miller. But as I’ve written before, Rich Cho will need to be some sort of wizard-in-braces to get this guy dealt. The only thing worse than Roy’s knees is his contract. In general, you have a small chance to deal a player with one of those problems, but with both? I don’t see any way.

As far as dealing Miller, it’s too soon. The only way you can have a trade advantage with him is to deal him near the trading deadline in February — when teams have made up their minds: A: they’re out of the playoff hunt so they may want to dump salary, or B: they’re suddenly in the playoff hunt and may think a veteran point guard is the last piece of the puzzle. Right now, too many teams haven’t made up their mind yet.

If Roy actually did go in and make it a “him-or-me” deal it says a lot about him, I believe. He’s asking the team to trade away perhaps its most consistent player — while he himself is playing the worst basketball of his career. And once again it seems so much like an alibi for his woefully inconsistent play.

Could he be playing poorly just to set Miller up as the reason? At this point, nothing would surprise me. Roy is a walking soap opera right now. And the more he talks, the more I’m beginning to think he’s healthier than he says he is and just having a devil of a time trying to come to grips with how badly he’s playing.

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