Blooming in Winter | The Latest from David Michael Hollander

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Check out the latest from our friend David Michael Hollander, and let’s all bloom in winter!

“Then (when your mind “ chills out “), the one who observes your mind inside you (the seer), in her genuine form and shape, can be free to be connected to you, and you to her, so there is a sense of integrity and wholeness. “

Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali, chapter 1 verse 3 – My own translation.

blooming winter Blooming in Winter | The Latest from David Michael Hollander

Tales from the Top of the Mat in the 21st Century

So it IS really hard some mornings to get my butt out of bed at 5am, in this cold, and prepare myself, body and mind for three hours in our Mysore room at Pure yoga.

I LOVE teaching Mysore style! First, the silent, individualized practice allows each person to go at their own pace and level. Also, it’s possible to teach the poses differently to people depending on their needs and abilities.

There is a meditative, contemplative quality to the practice. Focusing on the breath, the subtlety and nuance of the vinyasas (movements and breaths between each asana/place), drishti (eye/mind focus points) and bandha (core strength, and interior focus), brings the mind directly into the flow.

A personal, daily practice has been a part of my own routine for over ten years. Since discovering yoga in the 1980’s, classes and teachers have played a huge part in my life, but the personal practice, either alone, with other yogis in groups, or often with one or two friends has been at the core of what makes yoga work for me with any depth. There is a lightness and clarity developing year by year that keeps me on the path.

What brings most of us back to the mat is what is hinted at in the sutra at the top.  From my own experience and testimony from many others over the years, if you just show up, with good intentions, ready to try your best, something special happens. Some days and even weeks it can be really hard, but the effort eventually leads to beautiful breakthroughs. A sense of integration, insight into life’s mysteries, a clear look at issues that may otherwise have seemed overwhelming and a steady development in the beautiful, healing arts of yoga asana (poses) and pranayama (energy control) makes all the effort worthwhile.

So I know it’s hard in this cold winter, but the results are so worth it! Come on all! Lets Bloom In Winter!

Love and Light to you all and I hope to see you on the mat!


David is currently teaching Monday through Friday  630am – 930am  Mysore style at Pure yoga 86th st between 2nd and 3rd avenues in New York City. You can drop in the room at any time between 630 am and 9am to get started. Practice can take anywhere between ½ hour at the start to 2 hours for those who wish.

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