Cold Feet During Yoga? Try These Shoes

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Blake Brody Footwear is an awesome new line of in-studio practice shoes designed for Yoga and Pilates. I was fortunate enough to try out a pair of these beautiful little slippers and was blown away by how comfortable and easy to practice in they are!

These shoes are the answer to one of my most recent dilemmas – its f*cking freezing in New York City, and the circulation in my toes (and fingers, but thats another story) is less than perfect. As a Yoga teacher and practitioner, I am required to spend a lot of my life barefoot, or I was before Blake Brody anyway.

These lovely little shoes (which remind me of ballet slippers) have just enough grip and just enough flexibility that you don’t even feel like you’re wearing shoes at all, but rather socks that don’t bunch or slip. Perfection! Learn more about the line below:

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These shoes make the perfect gift for any yoga, pilates, or barre lover in your life! Visit the website for more information and to place your order today!