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I notice many commentators to "Opposing Views" refer to themselves as "atheists."  An atheist, of course, is a person who does not believe in a deity.  Calling oneself an atheist is like calling oneself a psychic...both propositions are preposterous.  There is no such thing as a "psychic" (I challenge anyone to prove otherwise), and there is no such thing (yet) as the absolute non-existence of a deity (the non-existence of a deity has not been proved).  By the same token, the existence of a deity cannot be scientifically proved either (yet). Logically, as Mr. Spock would say, that leaves us with the POSSIBILITY of a deity...agnosticism.  But rather than agonize over this issue, perhaps we should just be doing our best to live by the Judeo-Christian code with a sprinkling of Humanism and self-interest. If you feel like hedging your bets by praying, by all means pray. But I doubt any deity would take time out of a busy worldwide schedule to grant your little wishes; and his/her/its heart would be broken if you insisted that he/she/it doesn't exist. 

Kirkman Dixon

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