Global Warming

Arguing with a Climate Change Skeptic? There's an App for That

| by Sierra Club

If you find yourself in an argument with a climate-change skeptic, you can find the perfect riposte just a few taps away on your iPhone. Skeptical Science, a site that compiles peer-reviewed research about climate change, is now available as an iPhone and iPod app.

If the skeptic you encounter presents a specific argument, know that Skeptical Science offers evidence to rebut the ten most common claims, including “The climate has changed before,” “There's no consensus,” and “Models are unreliable.” 

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You can also search for a rebuttal via three main argument categories: “It’s not happening,"  “It’s not us," or “It’s not bad.” After you make your selection, you'll get a summary of the skeptic’s argument, a summary of the scientific research about the subject, and links to detailed graphs and academic papers.