Animal Rights

Animal Abuse is Rampant in Living Nativity Scenes

| by PETA

It's not Christmas without my neighbor's decked-out lawn. I'm not
talking about the standard electric reindeer or cotton-snow in the
bushes—this guy goes all out, National Lampoon's
style. He's even got an inflatable Nativity scene that balloons my
spirits every time I see it, especially because I know how cruel
real-life Nativity productions are to the animals who are forced to
perform in them.

Animals used in live Nativity Scenes are often left unattended, tethered, and vulnerable to everything from unbearable temperature extremes to sexual abuse and vicious attacks like the one in Virginia that left a donkey savagely beaten, with blood streaming from his face. Jesus—who
taught people to love all animals and treat them with compassion—would
want everyone to go electric. So if you know of a Nativity scene with
live animals in your area, take action by contacting the pastor of the
church and encouraging him or her to leave live animals out of the
Christmas festivities. And if you spot animal neglect or abuse, always report it immediately.

Costumes, models, and electric animals are creative and fun cruelty-free alternatives to real animals,so live animals should be left out of Christmas festivities.

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