Angelina Jolie: "I Love My Tattoos"

| by Oh The Scandal

Angelina Jolie Loooooooves her ink

Angelina Jolie blabs about her body ink in the latest issue of Australian magazine Post-Modern Ink. And she’s in luuuurvvve with herself. Well, the tatts.

“I love them,” she says.

“They’re body art. I don’t think it’s abnormal that someone who spends their life in other skins wants to claim their own by marking things on it that matter to them. My most recent is five vertical rows of ancient Cambodian script. It’s on my back and looks very sacred.

“Getting my dragon was perhaps the biggest surprise. I was in Amsterdam and got a little crazy, dropping my pants at a tattoo parlour and woke up the next morning and saw this really funny dragon.

“I’ve always wanted a dragon but this one had a funny blue tongue. To me a dragon is very much a woman, strong and elegant.”

Elsewhere in the interview she talks about a particular rumour that claimed she’s stabbed (WTF?) her ex Billy Bob Thornton.

There was one when Billy and I were together that said I had stabbed him and then went into a nut house or something, she said.

“I thought that was kind of funny. If I wanted to have killed him, I would have killed him.”

Have fun, Brad!