Airbus Pictures: What will Air Travel Look Like in 2050?

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What will air travel look like in 40 years? Well, Airbus says it will be a lot more "transparent." The company has unveiled images of how it sees its planes looking in 2050 and it won't be a welcome sight for those who have a fear of flying. Instead of the thick metal walls of today, planes will have "membranes" that allow passengers to see the air like a bird. Besides that, the biggest difference will be "zones." Airbus says we'll get rid of coach, business and first class seating for areas on the plane that allow for different activities like simulated golf and accupuncture. This last one seems more like a dream than a reality. We all know the airlines are never going to accept an "accupuncture area" if they can cram three more seats into the plane. The future may look pretty, according to these pictures, but let's be realistic. Check out the images: