Would You Ever Wear New Adidas Winged Shoes?

| by RefinedHype

So the usually mild Adidas has taken quite the bold route with their latest release, the Jeremy Scott-designed JS wings shoe. The sneaker, which immediately makes me think of the Roman god Mercury (correct me if I’m wrong mythology majors), features a black sole paired with a metallic gold synthetic upper.

There’s also a Jeremy Scott lace jewel at the bottom of the laces. But the main attraction when it comes to this pair of sneakers is the attached wings. It’s really a rarity to come across a pair of kicks that actually feature wings on them.

I personally believe that you can never go wrong with a pair of metallic gold and black sneakers. The pairing of the two distinct colors can really look great when paired with the right outfit. The wings really make this pair of Adidas’ stand out, but with the wings you really have to wear these sneakers the right way or else they’ll end up looking like part of a ridiculous Halloween costume or something. Luckily, for those of you who might be a little intimidated by the wings they are removable. So if you’re feeling them one day and not so much the next then you do have the option to take them off.

The Adidas JS wings shoe can be purchased for $180 at