About circumcision

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I have four sons, none of them are circumcised. I am a Christian believer - I believe in both Old and New Testament writings - I searched the scriptures thoroughly and I came to the conclusion that the Covenant God made was old. Jesus makes one with us Now that is a spiritual one. A circumcision of the heart.

Whether a person has had this procedure or not, does not admit or keep him out of Heaven. I also read a lot before making the original decision (29 years ago) and found there are many men who wanted to have reconstructive surgery.  I decided to not have the procedure forced on my children because I know that without a medical need, they can make this decision later in life.  If they decide they want to have their foreskin removed, they will be the ones. Once again, I believe that it is truly a matter of the heart when it comes to covenant with God.

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