Parenting -- New Web Site Where People Review You

| by MomLogic

Just what society needs: a "burn book" that can be read by the entire world! A burn book (for those of you who don't have teen girls and haven't seen the movie "Mean Girls") is a kind of diary where you write down what you dislike about people you know. It can get really nasty.

Now, a new website called Unvarnished is touting itself as "an online resource for building, managing and researching professional reputation, using community-contributed, professional reviews." Essentially, the website is designed to rate people in the same way Yelp reviews restaurants. And just like Yelp, the posts could make -- or break -- a career.

How does it work? Well, let's say you worked for someone who was a crummy manager. You go onto Unvarnished and anonymously vent your spleen about how said boss made your life miserable. Your post is available to anyone searching that person's name -- particularly potential employers. But hey, why stop there? ANYONE who has a score to settle with someone can itemize their disdain for them on the site. And here's the kicker: You cannot delete reviews of yourself that you don't like.

The website is only in the developmental beta stages now; to use it, you have to link to your Facebook account. (Um, no thanks.)

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