A Movable Canvas | Tattoos in Yoga via the NY Times

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These incredible photos were posted in a New York Times article last week – absolutely amazing…

The following via the NY Times by Emily S. Rueb

For some yoga practitioners, the body is a sacred vessel that should not be tainted. For others, the skin represents a blank, movable canvas for tattoos displaying thoughts, texts and deities that inspire and inform their practice. These works of art, stretched across shoulders, chests, arms and legs, may be tucked away during the workday. But when clothing comes off, as it often does in yoga studios, they are on display for all to see.

DAVID LIFE, 61 “Tattoos mark a moment in time you want to give credit to,” said Mr. Life, a Lower East Side resident since 1979 and a co-founder of the international Jivamukti Yoga School. Mr. Life acquired his elaborate web of body art in four major stages but has stopped since tattoos became “mainstream,” he said.

RAPHAELLE ROMANA, 33 A half-budding, half-rotting tree sprawls across the back of Ms. Romana, who recently moved from Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, to Dublin Ireland, and is a practitioner and teacher of the sweaty Bikram style of yoga. The tree, she wrote in an e-mail, “is rooted to the earth and at the same time it reaches for the sky.” It is, she added, “a reference to the duality of humanity: life and death, good and evil.”

DOUGLAS ABRAHAM, 41 Mr. Abraham, who lives in SoHo and practices at Ashtanga Yoga New York there, started layering “creepy crawly things” all over his body when he was in his 30s. They include Sanskrit, Japanese and Tibetan imagery and phrases.

LULA TRAINOR AND ADRIANA RIZZOLO, BOTH 28 The hands of Ms. Trainor, left, and Ms. Rizzolo, right, are tattooed with a mantra in Sanskrit. The women are lifelong friends who live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and go to yoga class together in Dumbo. Ms. Trainor translated the mantra: “May all beings be peaceful and free.”

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