10 Tips for Preventing Post-Workout Breakouts

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*On a side note, I have no idea why I make such weird expressions when I am filming. I think it must be the stage fright (it takes me MULTIPLE times to shoot videos I get so nervous and tongue-tied). Also, upon re-watching I realized that step 8 says “wash your hair after you condition” when really I meant wash your BODY after you condition. Oops!

10 Tips for Preventing Post-Workout Breakout

  1. Don’t wear makeup while you’re working out.
  2. Wash your face or shower immediately post-workout.
  3. Avoid touching your face.
  4. Drink lots of water.
  5. Dress the part (moisture-wicker clothing).
  6. Change your make-up routine if you can.
  7. Avoid steroid pre-cursors or steroids.
  8. Wash your body after you condition.
  9. Do your laundry daily.
  10. Use an exfoliating scrub (or a homemade mask like Laury’s)

Do you break out after a workout? What are your best tips for preventing it?