10 Simple Steps to Achieve Hanumanasana

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Check out this concise guide to achieving a perfect Hanumasana (splits pose) from Hanuman Festival’s community blog!

Hanumanasana (Splits Pose) is an intense hip and hamstring opener. In order to achieve this peak pose, you need to warm up the hips and hamstrings well enough to move deep into this posture without straining or pulling any muscles. Please follow the series below and use your breath to guide you into your deepest expression of Hanumanasana. Then, you’ll be ready to show us how you HANUMAN at Hanuman Festival 2011.

1 ) BALASANA (Child’s Pose)
• Bring your knees out wide, toes come to touch behind you, walk your palms forward and relax your chest between your thighs
• Hold for 3-5 breaths
2 ) VIRASANA (Hero’s Pose)
• From Balasana, roll up vertebrae by vertebrae and rise to a seated position on your heels
• From Virasana, plant the palms on the mat outer shoulder distance apart, curl your toes your hips towards the sky
• Hold for 3-5 breaths
• Using your core strength to pull your forward, step your right foot for right leg forward lunge
• Hold for 3 breaths
5 ) ANJANEYASANA (Crescent Moon)
• Release your left knee onto the mat, keep your back toes curled under, sweep your arms overhead, and slowly rise into Crescent Moon
• Relax your shoulder away from your ears, draw your belly in and soften your tailbone to protect your low back
6 ) ANJANEYASANA Pulses-3 rounds of breath
• Inhale: Use your core to back away from your lunge slightly
• Exhale: Deepen back into the lunge
7 ) ARDHA HANUMANASANA (Half-splits Pose)
• With your finale exhale, sweep the palms outside your right foot, send your hips over your left knee, and begin to straighten your right leg
8 ) ARDHA HANUMANASANA Pulses-3 rounds of breath
• Inhale: Back away, straighten the spine and life your heart
• Exhale: Bow forward and fold over your straight right leg
• Modification-Keep a soft bend in the right knee
• Up Level-Extend your left leg straight keeping the hips level
9 ) HANUMANASANA (Splits Pose)
• Begin to inch your right toes forward and your left toes back to sink your hips deeply into the earth
• Use your breath to find the depth of the pose & SMILE!
• Special Note: Try to avoid rushing into the posture, connect with the breath and find serenity in this pose
10 ) Repeat entire sequence on left side ending in BALASANA (Child’s Pose)

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