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Measure # 58 is Revenue Neutral

Mark Schwebke, an opponent of Measure # 58 has stated it passage of the measure will cost Oregon schools over a half million dollars.  That is not true.   The truth is that Measure # 58 is revenue neutral.

Currently the state of Oregon sends each school district in Oregon about $5600 for each regular student that they have enrolled in their district each year.  They send an additional $3000 extra per year for each ESL/ELL/LEP Bilingual Ed. student.  

The Oregon Department of Education, (DOE), will not lose the $500 million dollars that they currently give to each school for ELL/ESL/etc programs.  DOE will continue to allocate the funds to schools to fund English immersion programs or what ever else they deem necessary.

Jim Ludwick
Oregonians for Immigration Reform