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Measure 58 is Bad for Oregon Schools

The Oregon chapter of the American Federation of Teachers believes in high quality, universal public education for every child because that is the ticket to a better future for Oregon students.

We have studied Measure 58 and are disappointed because it would be a failure for our children.

We know that children do not all learn in the same way. Yet Measure 58 would impose a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching our kids. We know that not all Oregon communities are the same. Yet Measure 58 would take away local control from the parents, teachers and school districts that know our schools best.

The best education policy is created in collaboration with parents, teachers and experts in the education community. Measure 58 was not. Instead, it is just another bad idea by Bill Sizemore, who has no experience in education. It shows.

Measure 58 is vague and full of unintended consequences. The measure does not define key terms and does not outline the program it seeks to implement. Measure 58 would put
unrealistic deadlines on students to learn English, and doesn’t include an exception for children with learning disabilities. This puts far too much pressure on teachers and students.

The measure will cost Oregon’s education fund over a half billion dollars to implement it its first two years if passed. These funds would be taken directly out of the classroom. This money could be used to hire more teachers, buy new textbooks and reduce class sizes.

Measure 58 is bad for Oregon teachers and critical support staff. Measure 58 is bad for Oregon students and bad for Oregon schools.

Vote No on Measure 58.

- Mark Schwebke,
  President, AFT-Oregon