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Highest Frequency in Raw Food

Living food literally vibrates at the highest frequencies (measured in
megaHerz) than any other food. That is the most important reason to
consume living foods.

(The healthy heart vibrates at 70 mHz, the cancer cell at 40 mHz. Cell
death starts at 50 mHz. Chicken sandwich/hamburger vibrate at 3 - 5
mHz. Low frequency foods pull the electrical energy from our organs
resulting in cell death.)

The following Kirlian Shots are of Organically Grown Living LENTIL SPROUTS.

Shown left, living organically grown Lentil sprout, right out of the health-food-store package.
Shown right, living organically grown Lentil sprout, blanched at 140(F) for only 2-3 minutes!

Which food has more energy? Which food has more living nutritional benefits?

source: http://www.kirlian.com/currentkirlian.htm

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