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Dr. Martin Luther King Would Have Supported Affirmative Action

Dr. King wrote:

“It is impossible to create a formula for the future which does not take into account that our society has been doing something special against the Negro for hundreds of years.    How then can he be absorbed into the mainstream of American life if we do not do something special for him now, in order to balance the equation and equip him to compete on a just and equal basis?”

“The struggle for rights is, at bottom, a struggle for opportunities .   In asking for something special, the Negro is not seeking charity.   He does not want to be given a job he cannot handle.   Neither, however, does he want to be told that there is no place where he can be trained to handle it.   So, with equal opportunity must come the practical, realistic aid which will equip him to seize it. Giving a pair of shoes to a man who has not learned to walk is a cruel jest.” (M.L. King, Why We Can’t Wait)